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5 Memory Tips That Will Boost Your Brain Power

1. Chew Gum In one study, researchers discovered that participants who chewed gum throughout a battery of memory and attention tests scored nearly 25 percent higher than those who did not. The explanations for this phenomenon are not entirely clear, but some researchers speculate that chewing gum may increase activity in the hippocampus, an area of the brain associated with memory and attention. Another study found that a brief burst of gum chewing right …Read More

4 Sneaky Mental Biases That Can Influence Your Health Choices

1. Only Listening to Health Advice That Confirms Existing Beliefs Mental Biases and Health Choices We all make mistakes with our health and our relationships. Sometimes these errors can be relatively minor, but oftentimes the everyday choices we make can have long-term negative impacts on our physical and mental well being. Bad decisions can happen to anyone, but in many cases these mental mistakes are caused by sneaky and surprisingly subtle cognitive …Read More

9 Quick Facts About the Brain

There are still many mysteries about the human brain, but researchers have uncovered a number of interesting facts about how it works. Here are nine quick facts to get you started on the path to a better understanding of the brain. It’s Heavier Than You Might Think The average adult human brain weighs approximately 3 pounds and tends to be larger in males than in females. It’s also one of …Read More